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Ceramic Painting


Ceramic painting is creative fun to create one-of-a-kind pieces

The price of the ceramic piece you choose includes everything . . . the paints, brushes, design tools, our attentive customer service, the clean-up, and of course the glazing & firing. We offer a wide selection of ceramic objects to select from, such as plates, bowls, mugs, jars, figurines, banks, boxes, vases, frames, and much more! Each piece of pottery ranges from $6 - $60. 

How it works

1) Select the ceramic piece you want to paint.

2) Design, paint, and sign your artwork.

3) Leave your piece for glazing and firing.

​4) Pick it up 7 days later.

All glazes are non-toxic and finished pottery is food-safe. Hand washing your ceramic piece is highly recommended. Microwaving and dishwashing are not recommended. 

Paint from home

For those who just want to paint in the comfort of your own home or want to throw a paint party…you can purchase pottery and paint supplies ​from our studio. Simply drop off your painted pieces to the studio to be clear glazed and fired.

Pottery pieces can be purchased for 20% off the regular price ​when painted outside our studio using your own paints and brushes. At our studio, we have available for purchase, 2 ounce bottle of paints for $4 and brush sets for $6.